Version 0.12.1 Released

With the character system up and running, this version mainly focuses on using that system - with a new character and a full variant roster for the two characters, there's a few new ways to play the game! Now there are 2 playable characters, each with 3 variants. Meanwhile, I'll try to complete the third character asap.

- Added character: Desperate Sara
- Added character: Naive Freja (unlocked by finding her in game)
- Added character: Battered Freja
- Added character: Fallen Freja
- Rebindable keys

- Updated skill descriptions
- Reworked Dryad sprite
- Reworked Stone Troll sprite
- Updated Green Gnome sprite
- Various menu tweaks (position & scaling)
- Added new tile: Cage (I wonder what this does)
- Updated desktop icon

- Fixed resource not showing after spending and gaining at the same time (gamble bug mostly)


Necken 0.12.1 52 MB
Feb 25, 2019

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