Version 0.12.0 Released

First release update! This version focused on getting the character system up and running. A lot of code needed to be reworked to be able to get characters and skills working properly, which is why I focused on only one new character this version. Also wanted to get some bugs out of the way that you've reported.


  • Added character selection screen
  • Added character: Lost Sara


  • Added delay (0.5s) when combat starts to prevent accidental fist
  • Added clarification that the progress will be lost if quitting
  • Added explicit percent on Stone Figurine & Unusual stick
  • Various menu tweaks (position & scaling)
  • End game menu updated slightly


  • Back button no longer clickable when Clear Progress prompt is visible
  • Clear Progress prompt no longer fails to position in the center
  • Red Gnome no longer shoots at the start of a fight
  • Current tile now shows it's popup again after combat


Necken 0.12.0 52 MB
Feb 12, 2019

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