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You are alone in space. The only tool available for survival is your helpful exploration robot. Send the robot out on scavenger hunts to get the items you need to survive. Rebuild the ship to leave the galaxy and get back home.

Otherwise you will die a slow death. Alone.


- Send out explorer to get loot
- Repair explorer to keep it healthy
- Craft components to stay alive
- Refill the ship's supply of food, oxygen and energy
- Rebuild the ship's broken essential items for space travel


- Mouse only

- Winner of Arctic Game Pitch 2019


- Inventory scales very badly in 5:4 ratios - preferrably use 16:9 ratio
- Rare crash on startup - restarting game seems to work
- Upgrade requirements are not updated unless you press the recipe button again

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorJocce Marklund
Made withUnity
Tags2D, craft, inventory, Management, Pixel Art, Short
Average sessionAbout an hour


Build 09 22 MB

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- Unzip and play!

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This game also becomes very repetitive because I was only looking for 2 more energy and all I was doing was sending a ship out over and over without any challenge of any kind. I know this game is still being developed and its great but there is no challenge in the game once you figure it out.

This game is has a lot of potential but here are so suggestions: Ability to upgrade your ship. a way to transfer items from dragging over top of an item to switch places with it. Also have a storyline, why cant the "lint" go onto one of the planets and why is there no other spaceships ect.