A downloadable necken for Windows and macOS

Note: This game has been renamed into "Necken Adventures". I'm currently working on a remake called only "Necken". Sorry for any confusion. You should probably check out Necken instead =)

Necken Adventures is a tile based adventure game set in the Swedish forest. The game features a "semi-turnbased" mechanic (in lack of a better term), where you have to activate tiles by standing still for a set amount of time.

Each tile affect you differently, and can also change depending on what you are currently holding.

By travelling deeper and deeper into the forest, you will get closer to Necken, the water spirit who rules the nearby waters.

The game is made using Unity and originates from the prototype I called Dem Zombies.

Currently, since the game is still in it's infancy, the game changes through each update can be quite big. Hopefully they will always be for the better though =)

More information

Published 1 year ago
StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorJocce Marklund
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Medieval, Pixel Art, tile
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

Unzip and go!


Necken v.10 WIN.zip (49 MB)
Necken v.10 MAC.zip (21 MB)


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Get little game. But, on a mac the cpu is maxed out. you need some sort of delay to release time back to the system :)

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It was a lot of fun. I wish the manual-activate tiles was a little more polished. There was a surprising amount of depth for such a simple game.


After a first glance. Necken is a very fun and cool game for a Pre-Alpha build. Still trying to beat level 6, with those forever spawning Gnomes ;-; Very fun, and I wish it well in the future.